Terms & Conditions

To ensure our safety and the safety of your package and our couriers, please review the following regulations and terms & conditions below regarding 1 Fast Delivery, LLC.

1 Fast Delivery guarantees on-time delivery of packages on all courier service levels. We will refund a credit if your package is more than 30 minutes late.

The quoted delivery commitment may change for reasons including but not limited to the following:


Address Correction:

If a recipient’s address is incorrect or incomplete, we will do our best to find the correct address to complete the delivery. However, we assume no responsibility to complete the delivery under those circumstances. Incorrect P.O. Box number or zip codes, suite numbers, apartment numbers are examples of addresses requiring corrections. We are not responsible or liable for not being able to meet our delivery commitment for any package with an incomplete or incorrect address. An additional fee will be assessed for shipments that are re-delivered.


Billing information:

  • Bill Sender: charges will be billed to the sender. Can be paid during the order or at pick up.
  • Bill recipient: charges will be billed to the recipient. Can be paid during the order or at delivery.
  • Bill Third party: charges will be billed to someone other than the sender or recipient. Can be paid during order or at pickup or delivery. In the event the third party doesn’t pay, the responsibility will land on the sender to make the payment.
  • C.O.D. payments may not be shipped bill recipient or bill third party. C.O.D. will be billed to sender only.
  • Failure of payment: the sender is liable for payment, any additional charges, fees will be applied.
  • A $25.00 fee will be added to any return check(s) due to insufficient funds or insufficient signatures
  • If the weight of the courier package is incorrect the courier can make the adjustments necessary to reflect on the invoice. Allowed up to 25lbs. Any item over 25lbs- charge is $0.25 a pound thereafter.


Business hours and holidays:

  • Our business hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Excluding the following holidays:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • President’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving Day and day following
    • Christmas Day
  • Deliveries can be made on holidays at a charge of 100% the rush rate with a $50 minimum charge.
  • After hour rates are from Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m – 7:00 a.m. with an additional charge of 50% the rush rate. Saturday and Sunday nighttime rate is 100% the rush rate with a $50 minimum charge.


Perishables, Consumables and Food:

  • We will accept perishable, consumables and food shipments.
  • Must be packed for travel, container, cooler or seal proof bag
  • Courier is not responsible for refrigeration. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY REFRIGERATION VEHICLES
  • The sender is responsible for keeping items cold if needed without placing any harm to any of our couriers.
  • If courier feels items are not packed correctly or feels unsafe, the courier has the right to refuse the order or asked to be packed in a better manner.
  • Any package that is leaking, wet or has an odor will not be accepted for delivery.



  • For scheduled  deliveries-if the item or package is not available for pick-up or if delivery is cancelled at the time of the courier arrival, the sender will be responsible  for half of the amount of the delivery rate with a $15 minimum.


Dangerous\Hazardous goods:



Delivery Confirmations:

  • You will receive an email confirmation with your order once delivery has been made.
  • Order form will have time of pickup and delivery, plus signatures for pickup and delivery.
  • If you would like to receive confirmation via phone, fax or mail it must be requested at the time of order. We will make 2 attempts, if the contact can’t be reached we will have no further obligation.



  • The courier reserves the right to open and inspect any package when deemed necessary, and to refuse those improperly packaged, those damaged, and those containing articles prohibited for shipment.


Liabilities not assumed:

1 Fast Delivery couriers shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay caused by:

  • The act of the shipper or owner.
  • Insufficient packing and or labeling.
  • Authority of law, riots, strikes, detours, hazards or natural disasters.
  • Accidents, breakdowns, bad road conditions or anything else that is out of the couriers control.
  • Delivery at a non-agency destination or closed station or residence, under instructions of the shipper.
  • Death, injury or escape of live animals.
  • Couriers cannot guarantee delivery for set times such as, special events. We try and maintain a schedule but that is always not guaranteed.
  • Couriers are not liable for damage to any item over $100 unless value stated by the shipper at the time of order.
  • If shipment is refused by recipient, the package will be sent back to the shipper at the courier’s convenience. The shipper will still be responsible for payment for the delivery.



  • You have 15 days from the invoice date to pay your invoice.
  • If you fail to pay your invoice on time, a credit card may need to be put on file for future payments.
  • Any unpaid invoices not received 15 days after due date will be subject to a late fee charge.
  • We may decline your credit if failure to pay on time occurs more than once.


Payment Methods:

  • Company Check
  • Personal Check
  • Credit Card (AMEX, Visa,  Mastercard, Discover)- 3% processing fee will be charged for all credit card payments
  • Checks will not be accepted unless you have an account in good standing condition.
  • These are the acceptable methods of payment.
  • We do not accept CASH.


Packaging and Labeling:

  • All packages must be protected by proper packaging for safe transportation.
  • Cannot have loose papers- must be in envelope or some kind of folder so that papers are not able to fly away.
  • Package must have a clear label with contact name and full address and zip code.



  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Quotes are subject to change without notice, due to unexpected surcharges.
  • If package cannot be delivered we will attempt to deliver (if instructed by shipper or sender) at the same rate as the original charge.


 Refuse or Rejected Shipments:

We have the right to refuse or reject any shipment for the following reasons:

  • Package is prohibited by law or may violate the terms and conditions.
  • The package could cause damage to other packages or shipments, equipment or personal injury to the courier.



  • An additional fee will be billed to the account if the package gets re-routed during transit.
  • There will be no fee added if corrected before time of dispatch.
  • Any re-routing can cause delay in delivery-Only one re-route will be allowed per package.


Saturday and Sunday Service:

  • Saturday rates: a surcharge of 50% of the rush rates (subject to mileage and weight) with a $25 minimum.
  • Sunday rates: a surcharge of 50% of the rush rates (subject to mileage and weight) with a $50 minimum.
  • Saturday and Sunday night time rates: a surcharge of 100% the rush rate (subject to mileage and weight) with a $50 minimum charge.


Service area:

  • Los Angeles County
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Anything outside the service or coverage area can result in an additional charge


 Wait time:

  • First 10 minutes are free.
  • $1 per minute surcharge will apply for each minute thereafter (this could change the original quoted price).
  • If wait is longer than 10 minutes, it is up to the courier whether or not he/she can wait around. If the courier must leave to meet other deadlines, there will be an additional charge of wait time plus return trip time to pick up the order.


Any shipments not permitted pursuant to 1 Fast Delivery, LLC Terms & Conditions or shipped in violation of 1 Fast Delivery, LLC Terms and Conditions are exempt from the Guarantee and are subject to full shipping charges plus any applicable penalties regardless of actual delivery.